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  • 14-12-2011

- Eczema Doctors Australia -

“Caring for People with Eczema”

Eczema Doctors Australia is a new website that is “Caring for People with Eczema”. It was created to offer a comprehensive information service for Eczema sufferers and their family in Australia.

Nowadays, it is easy to find information on the internet but it is time consuming and quite often we are lead to finding information that we were not looking for in the first place.

The word Eczema gives more than 22 million results in Google and although it is clear that the amount of information available is vast, it can also be misleading and untrustworthy.

Eczema Doctors Australia makes research for relevant information easy by providing quick access to up-to-date sources and database in one website.

Eczema Doctors Australia offers a detailed directory of Australian Dermatologists and Natural Medicine Specialists. This directory is currently a work in progress and will require several months to be completed. Listing in the directory is free and has no expiring date.

In addition, there is a list of all Australian Children’s Hospitals with phone numbers and contact details as well as a list of Health Helpline services provider by the Australian Health Department.

Besides the directory, there are educational sections for kids and adults, containing ready to download fact sheets and useful audiovisual media.

Eczema Doctors Australia is the first website to offer a collection of easy to download Children’s story e-books featuring Eczema as the subject matter.

Furthermore, the website “Talk to a Mum” program aims to create the largest Australian network of mothers with children who are affected by Eczema. The program is based on the simple principle of bringing together aussie mums to discuss all issues related to the treatment and cure of Eczema for their children.

Finally, the website endorses a blog that enables Eczema sufferers and their families to share experiences, stories and tips for Eczema management.

Eczema Doctors Australia was created by Australians for Australians; therefore, everyone suggestions or feedback are welcomed and are vital for its success and growth.

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