The practice nurses working in Blacktown Family Medical Centre are university-trained with the required knowledge and expertise necessary to meet every patient’s individualised health needs.  The practice nurses are known for their positive features of being compassionate, caring and reliable. They work in the treatment room closely alongside with doctors, specialists and allied health professionals as a team to deliver high patient satisfaction, high quality care and efficient health services. 

 Our practice nurses have many roles and responsibilities to ensure patients the access towards appropriate treatment.

This may include:

-          Assistance in conducting health assessments especially for diabetes, asthma and women’s health (pap smears)

-          Assistance with chronic disease management care plans and referrals to necessary allied health professionals including physiotherapist, dietician, podiatrist, chiropractor etc..

-          Assistance with GP mental health plans and referral to psychologist, counsellor or social worker

-          First aid, and emergency health treatment involving blood pressure, oxygen saturation and blood sugar level monitoring_MG_6622-1.jpg

-          Wound care management for burns, diabetic ulcers and wounds

-          Immunisation for children and adults

-          ECG’s for heart assessment

-          Spirometry lung function test

-          Assistance with minor surgical procedures

-          Ear irrigation

Our treatment room is equipped with all the most advanced technology, instruments  and equipments necessary in meeting the dynamic changes of health care system. Such equipments accessible to our clients include:

-          Continuous blood pressure and cardiac monitoring system (computerised ECG –electrocardiogram) for optimal emergency and critical care delivery

-          Computerised spirometry device for lung function assessments and optimal asthma management

-          Advanced Haemoglobin monitoring device

-          Tympanogram and a portable audio screening device for accurate ear assessments

-          Automated ear irrigation machine for cleansing of the ear of wax or foreign objects

-          Electrotherapy TENS (Transcultaneous  Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and Ultrasound heat treatment machines for aches and pains from sporting injuries, trauma or chronic conditions e.g. osteoarthritis

-          Autoclave sterilisation machine to sterilise instruments for minor surgical procedures