APCC Program


The Australian Primary Care Collaboratives (APCC) Program is a large quality improvement program which is being implemented by the Improvement Foundation (Australia) (IFA) and funded by the Commonwealth of Australia.

The APCC Program helps general practitioners (GPs) and primary health care providers work together to:

  • Improve patient clinical outcomes
  • Reduce lifestyle risk factors
  • Help maintain good health for those with chronic and complex conditions and;
  • Promote a culture of quality improvement in primary health care.

Ultimately, the APCC Program aims to find better ways to provide primary health care services to patients through shared learning, peer support, training, education and support systems.

Blacktown Family Medical Centre was recently invited to participate in the State Wave Program which continues over a period of 18 months. Topics which were focused on were Access and Care redesign, Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and Chronic Disease Prevention and Self Management (CDPSM).

From this program Blacktown Family Medical Centre improved on the following aspects:-

  • Improved patient care through better management of chronic diseases
  • Increased best practice care through better use of information systems (both medical and business systems) 
  • A cultural shift from individual patient care to population based care
  • Changes in service delivery to improve efficiency within general practice
  • Increased use of protocols and procedures to improve practice operations
  • Enhanced medical software reporting and functionality (i.e. data cleaning to produce valid registers and reports)
  • Increased use of patient self-management plans
  • Evolving roles among practice staff to better meet patient demand
  • Increased uptake of practice nurses in chronic disease management
  • Better relationships with external agencies contributing to patient care (i.e.hospitals and allied health professionals).


Congratulations to all the Staff of Blacktown Family Medical on your participation.