Treatment Room


Excellent primary care in state of the art facilities

  •  Triage/First aid assistance with emergency procedures 
  •  Acute assessment of sick patients
  •  Tympanogram- provides accurate data in seconds
  •  Non invasive oxygen and Hb monitoring 
  •  ECG, spirometry, cardiac monitoring (using bluetooth technology)
  •  Immunisations
  •  Fracture and Wound Management, minor procedures , burns dressing and suture removal
  •  Removal of Plaster casts 
  •  Ear Syringing - with safe, effective and non-invasive methods
  •  Screening audiogram
  •  BSL & Urinalysis, Pregnancy Tests
  •  Papsmears- done by Doctors and qualified nurses
  •  Electrotherapy (Tens/Ultrasound treatment for patient)
  •  Management of Chronic Disease Management
  •  Diabetes Care Plans ,management and clinical support
  •  Asthma management
  •  Assist with pediatric check-up, height & weight measurements & immunisation record
  •  INR testing with accurate and precise results within minutes
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