Occupational Therapy


Do you think your living skills are compromised because of your physical health condition? 

Did you know there are several adaptive and assistive technologies to improve your participation in the community and within the house which could be recommended by your occupational therapist?

Do you have a mental health condition which is restricting your participation into day to day activities?

Are you having difficulty to access community because of your mobility related issues? 

Do you feel unsafe (such as fear of fall, trip, difficulty to shower and toilet) at your own home because of physical environment and having difficulties to find out what could be done to improve your safety within your home environment?

Are you having difficulty to learn new ways of doing things; for example, dress or cook with one arm after a stroke/ amputation?

Are you applying for Department of Housing for accommodation and has been asked to provide an occupational therapy assessment and report of your living skills and/or the type of dwelling (architecture) to suit your physical health condition?


 Prajwal has Exerience in


  •  Paediatric OT
  •  Workers Compensation
  •  Mental health Clinician


  • Enhanced Primary Care (Referral required by GP)

  • Mental Health Care Plan (Referral required by GP)

  • Private (Fees apply)

Pediatrics (Assessment and treatment) via Medicare/ home visit (extra: hourly rate applies)

- Delayed developmental milestones, cerebral palsy, and Autism/ Pervasive Developmental Disorder, behavioural difficulties, handwriting training, poor gross and fine motor functions  

Mental Health care plan (Endorsed Mental Health Clinician),

- Focused psychological strategies - allied mental health

- FPS (Focused Psychological strategies) services by an occupational therapist; and a range of acceptable strategies

These are:

  1. Psychoeducation/motivational interviewing

  2. Cognitive-behavioural Therapy including
  3. Relaxation strategies
  4. Skills training
  5. Interpersonal Therapy (especially for depression)
  6. Narrative therapy (for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people).


Physical Disability: Via Medicare/ Private Fees applies for home visit

  • Equipment prescription
  • Home assessment
  • Falls risk assessment
  • Assessment and report for department of housing ( fees apply)
  • Return to work assessment/recommendations
  • Pre-employment screening (physical screening)

To make an appointment with our occupational therapist Prajwal Singh Pradhan please call (02) 9671 8500.