Team Care Arrangements

If you would benefit from other health care providers or allied health workers being involved to provide services, education and advice, your doctor will then recommend a Team Care Arrangement.


With your consent, your doctor or nurse will ask the relevant people to form a team. You, along with your team, will develop a Management Plan that works for you to improve your health.


Who is a Health Care Provider?

Any allied health worker or community care provider e.g. physiotherapist, speech pathologist, osteopath, podiatrist, exercise physiologist, medical specialist, occupational therapist, dietitian, diabetes and asthma educators, psychologist, etc.


Are there any costs with the Plans?

Most if not all input from your GP is covered by Medicare, as are some private allied health professionals, if referred to, by your GP under an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan.


Other team members may require you to pay for their services.

Ask your doctor or nurse.